Meg (mega_g) wrote,


being an adult is stressful.

after spending hours on end apartment-hunting, i finally found a place. i placed a deposit, have an apartment on hold, and am supposed to pick up my keys next friday.


of course my employer posts a job listing in Charlotte, NC today, throwing a wrench in everything.

i have alwayssssss wanted to live in NC - it is my most favorite state. and i love my job. and i told myself that if the posting became available, i would take it as a sign and apply.

sooo. i am going to apply.

but here's the problem: applying means that i am also going to have to forfeit my lease and apartment. what happens if i don't get transferred? then i have to start the apartment search all over again because the exact unit i want (and the price) aren't going to wait for me.

i am going to see if there is any way i can defer signing a lease and maybe set up a month to month thing until my plans are definite, but i am worried that i may be sacrificing a place where i could be happy for a place of isolation and starting over.

note to self: you have ALWAYS wanted to live in nc. you have no ties here. no boyfriend, no family, no lease (currently). this is the BEST opportunity you have ever been given. stop worrying about a lousy apartment and jump.

in i go...
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