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my history

trying to start writing again. when i am in a relationship, i lose my words. things end, things begin [i feel like i am always saying that and i feel like it is always true]. there was a nice boy who turned into a not so nice boy in the end. we had a not so nice ending. and - of course - there's a new nice boy. stay tuned.



my history:
timelines like wrinkles in the sheets.
i scan each new face
for old yous,
a familiar signpost,
a new map,
a different territory,
a similar feeling.

my love:
histories like a civil war between head and heart.
i scan each new battle
for old arguments,
a familiar complaint,
a new voice,
a different word,
a similar disappointment.

my timelines:
love like months upon a calendar.
i scan each new beginning
for old endings,
a familiar discontent,
a new desire,
a different motivation,
a similar leaving --
as they all do --
ushering in new years,
new yous,
new failures,
same sadness.
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