Meg (mega_g) wrote,

so this is the new year

Another year, another list of resolutions. Here is what I propose for 2012:

- Pay off car loan (still owe 9k on it - though I consider it more of a school loan than anything, since I had to sell my awesome car to buy this POS. By this time next year I am hoping to have a sweet new whip)

- Go to gym 3x a week (I've been going to the gym pretty regularly since I moved to CT, which makes it all the more depressing that I've gained 5lbs. WTF. But like everyone else in the world, one of my dreams is to lose weight. So here I am sticking w/ my routine and getting back on MyFitnessPal to watch my food intake and exercise. In ideal land, I would love to lose 10 lbs, 20 lbs is my goal weight, and 30 lbs is my dream weight. As in 'keep dreaming.')

- Play piano 3x a week (Now that I have a creative suite all set up in the basement and two new piano books, I'm hoping this won't be too hard to accomplish.)

- Read @ least 3 books a month (I am knocking this one out of the park and reading at least 1 book a week right now. Of course, once my work picks up a bit, I won't have leisure time for lunch-reading anymore. Still, I'm hoping to keep up w/ this goal)

- Be more considerate of other people

- Do not cut hair, no matter how tempting it is! (I made the mistake - again - of trying bangs. I am desperately waiting for them to grow back out. It's only been about 2 months and I am getting quite impatient. Also, I had taken the plunge last year and chopped off nearly 10 inches of hair. It is growing back faster than usual, but I wish I were more like that doll whose hair could grow instantly if you pumped her arm up and down)

- Pay off car insurance for the year (boring, i know)

- Change all addresses over to CT

- Get CT plates and change over all car stuff to CT

Not the most exciting list, but I think that most of those are obtainable, so I'm pretty happy with it. 2011 had a bunch of ups and downs and ended on a high and I'm hoping to carry over this feeling of content into 2012. Here's to a new year!
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